Wedding Party


  • emma

    Emma Auger - Maid of Honor

    As Alex's little sister, Emma has graciously put up with Alex for the last 19 years. Acts of clothes stealing aside, Alex got pretty lucky to have such a fun, loving, and generous little sister to boss around.

  • abbeys

    Abbey Stokely

    Keeping Alex sane through organic chemistry, general chemistry, genetics, physics (shall I continue?), Abbey has always been a bright spot in Alex's school days and a trusted source of immense kindess, love, and sarcastic jokes. She was also Alex's partner on a crazy adventure to Ghana.

  • abbeyw

    Abbey Wysocki

    Fate was on Alex's side when Abbey moved in next door in the 10th grade providing Alex with an irreplaceable source of joy, good dance moves, new blogs to follow, and good conversation.

  • alie

    Alie Easterwood

    Alex hit the roommate jackpot when she moved into the dorms with Alie. Even after living in a small box together for a year, Alex still found Alie to be delightful, fun, insanely generous, and overall incredibly awesome.

  • ellie

    Ellie Ginn

    Alex and Ellie are pursuing the same major, master's degree, career, and generally have the same life. This provides Alex with much needed friendship, wisdom, and homework reminders.

  • erin

    Erin McLeod

    Mama E and Alex have lived together since sophomore year during which time Erin has never failed to provide accesorizing advice, show incredible generosity, or drop everything when Alex needed her help.

  • jessica

    Jessica Gettemy

    Jessica loyally informed Alex when David was about to ask her on their first date allowing Alex the opportunity to act perfectly surprised while remaining calm and minimally awkward. Both Alex and David owe Jessica big-time for this act of kindness in addition to many years of good advice and a whole lot of love to the both of them.

  • kelly

    Kelly Neary

    Alex and Kelly became fast friends after she started dating Austin (the best man). She shares Alex's love of medicine, adoption, Instagram, and boys who like computers. She is also Alex's favorite source of double dates, relationship advice, and sarcasm.

  • kimmie

    Kimmie Oldenburg

    Alex and Kimmie became friends in Mr. Smith's 6th grade class and never looked back. Throughout their awkward middle school years, growing up in highschool, and finding their passions in college, Kimmie and Alex remained best friends. Alex can't imagine her life without the goofiness and happiness Kimmie provides.

  • rachael

    Rachael Pesch

    Though she doesn't remember, Rachael boldly knocked on Alex's dorm room door freshman year to play cards and they were friends ever since. From hallmates to roommates, Rachael has been a source of style, celebrity knowledge, and mostly a lot of fun, sweetness, and love for the past 4 years.


  • austin r

    Austin Regnery - Best Man

    Austin and David went from acquaintances in the first half of high school to good friends in the second half after collaborating on some crazy physics projects and hanging out at youth group. He later became David's roommate and confidant in college. He is one of the hardest-working and encouraging guys David knows, and he can never pass up a good one-on-one game of Super Smash Bros.

  • jack

    Jack Sawyer

    Jack is David's younger brother by six years and two weeks exactly, and he has always been David's favorite person to hang out with. The two not only look similar but also have the exact same sense of humor and taste in cartoons. Jack wasn't the typical annoying younger brother. He was always able to hang with the big kids. Jack is a fantastic athlete, entrepreneur, and student.

  • aaron

    Aaron Harris

    Aaron met David when they lived on the same dorm hall their freshman year. The two were roommates for their last two years of college. Aaron is the most generous, selfless, and strongest (he gives lung-collapsing bear hugs) guy David knows. He also sports the finest bouncy ball collection on the East Coast.

  • austin l

    Austin Landers

    Austin met David their first year of college. Before meeting, David knew him as "the guy with the cool leather Chaco sandals". Austin is a real estate extraordinaire who loves life and is passionate about his friends and family. He is the classic southern gentleman and also one of David's zaniest roommates.

  • nick

    Nick Beyer

    Nick and David grew up in church together and were in the same high school small group. He is David's most extreme friend (think anywhere from insanely fast downhill longboarding to eating more sugar than what's humanly possible to staying awake long enough to begin to hallucinate). He and David share loves for music, the outdoors, real time strategy computer games, technology, and the concept of "humble beginnings".

  • robert

    Robert MacDonell

    Robert lived on David's hall freshman year, rooming with Aaron. He became David's roommate the following year and has now lived with David for three years straight, the longest running streak of any of David's friends (excluding Jack of course). Robert is the perfect mix of joke-telling, music-loving, video game-dominating, and Latin-speaking.

  • ryan

    Ryan Riley

    Ryan and David have come all the way from meeting in 4th grade to sharing their first locker in 7th grade to ending up as college roommates. Ryan has been one of David's strongest influences in life. Their minds have always sort of thought alike, so that has made for awesome conversations over the years. He is unique, creative, and the king of street smarts. He's also David's favorite former dreadhead.